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Here you can get dragon city cheats and unlimited money tips. These tips will help you a lot to find unlimited money and raise your ranking in the game dragon city because money is the main resource and currency of the game.

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Tips are available here to get unlimited money for both android and ios devices. To get unlimited money download dragon city cheats from given links. Dragon City is a fun game in which you build a world full of dragons that are born, grow, reproduce and fight in exciting battles.

We bring you some of the most convenient cheats and tips to thrive in dragon city:

Well, the first thing is always to fight in the stadium since at the end of a tournament you get a dragon that is never bad for the collection.

You always have to pick up and put to harvest new food to put the one that best suits you.

Having reconstituted the towers this is very convenient because many of them give you many good things e.g: you can accelerate the time to collect gold and money for your dragons.

Always make your dragon fight so that he wins stars and that will make him stronger and will make you win more in combat. Latest Dragon City Cheats 100% Legit

Always participate in events this is very important because in the events they give you very strong dragons that can make you very helpful.

When you are going to close the game dragon city you can put the farms to grow crops of the highest possible time and collect gems, money, and gold from all habitats, even if the icon does not appear. By doing this you can get enough money to win the game smoothly.

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