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If you want to find unlimited free gems then you are in your destination. Just download dragon city hack from given links on our site and have a fun in the island of dragons. In dragon city, you have to collect different species of dragons, give them food and trained them for the exciting battles.

Here we bring you some hacks to get you started on the right foot in Dragon City and, above all, have fun.

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The violet gems are the main currency that is achieved in Dragon City to win the game smoothly. However, there are seven ways to get them for free.

-Get a gem every time you level up.

– Claim your daily bonus. You have the option of getting large amounts of gems.

– On Mondays, there is a special reward that also allows you to get gems.

– Participate in the tournaments or battles that the game provides you.

– Invite friends to play Dragon City: you will get five gems for each contact you accept.

– Participate in the Dragon League Tournaments. If you win a tournament you are given two gems as well as gold. You can fight up to three times a day, so take advantage.

– Build a dragon stadium and put your creatures to fight. For each tournament you make, you will earn gems and money.

Needless to say, getting free gems is, as you see, expensive. So save them and use them to unlock special items; do not waste them accelerating the construction time, eggs hatching, etc.

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